You Need to Know to Get Started in Pilates Exercise

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You Need to Know to Get Started in Pilates Exercise

August 21, 2015

Pilates exercise works on the core to improve general fitness and well being. Before you get started on a Pilates exercise program, get to know this exercise method and how you can make the most of it.

Pilates exercise improves core strength

Pilates exercise aims to strengthen the body evenly, particularly on core strength to improve overall fitness and well being. Pilates are performed on a mat or with a special equipment, like the Reformer and Wunda Chair. With its system of springs and pulleys, straps and handles, the apparatus can give support or resistance, whatever your needs may be. Developed by Joseph Pilates, this exercise believed that physical and mental health are closely connected. The method was influenced by Western forms of exercise, including Greco-Roman wrestling, boxing and gymnastics. Pilates immigrated in the United States in the 1920s in a New York studio where Pilates taught this method (then called contrology) for several decades.

Who is Pilates Exercise For?

Pilates workout offers something for people of all ages and levels of fitness and ability, from the beginners to elite athletes. Equipment can be used to give support to beginners as well as people with certain medical conditions. It also gives resistance for people who are looking to challenge their body. Before you start any exercise regimen, it’s best that you seek advice from your doctor, especially if you have any health concerns like an injury or a particular health condition.

What are the Benefits of Pilates Exercise?

There have been many reports on the benefits of Pilates, although many of them are stull subject to rigorous scientific examination, and more research is still needed on this area. Practitioners say that regularly exercising pilates can help improve muscle tone, posture and joint mobility, as well as tension and stress. For elite athletes, pilates exercises for abs can complement their training by developing whole body flexibility and strength. It also helps decrease the risk for injury.

Can Pilates Exercise Help Reduce Back Pain?

There is some evidence that Pilates can give pain relief among people with non-specific lower back pain. Using apparatus allows someone with back pain to do exercises with support. In order for the exercises to be effective, they have to be tailored to the individual and approved by a qualified health professional. It should be known that teachers of Pilates cannot prescribe and aren’t medically qualified to treat or offer therapy.

Can Pilates Exercise Help Lose Weight?

Pilates exercise for weight loss is classified as a muscle-strengthening activity that can help you maintain a healthy weight. Classes vary in intensity; they can be dynamic or gentle and offer a solid workout. If you are looking to shed off excess pounds, it’s best that you combine a Pilates exercise program with some aerobic exercises and a healthy diet like cycling, walking and swimming.

Can I be Injured with Pilates Exercise?

Being a low impact form of exercise, injuries in Pilates are uncommon. Still, it’s important that you look for a qualified teacher and a class appropriate to your level of ability and fitness. Pilates teachers aren’t qualified medically, so anyone who’s recovering from injury is advised to check with your doctor or relevant health professional on the suitability of certain movements before starting a class.

What is the Difference Between Pilates and Yoga?

The methods might be different, but Pilates and yoga both develop balance, posture, flexibility, strength and good breathing technique. Both of these systems emphasize the connection between mental and physical health, even though yoga puts more emphasis on relaxation and uses meditation. Pilates is performed both on mats and apparatus, while classic yoga doesn’t need any equipment. Pilates exercises are done in a flow of movement without the static poses that yoga is popular for.

Pilates can be taught in a Pilates studio with apparatus or in an open area with mats. Both of these exercises can be taught privately or in small groups, with one class mostly lasting an hour. When choosing a pilates teacher, consider their experience and training quality, as well as their rapport and personality. Experienced teachers will normally have gone through at least 450 training hours in several months or years. Choosing a good and experienced teachers ensures that you do the pilates exercises effectively.

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