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What is a personal trainer

A personal trainer is one who has completed extensive course work in health and nutrition, anatomy/physiology, exercise physiology, and prevention and care of athletic injuries and holds a national certification from an accredited fitness source. This educational course is typically 200-300 hours.


What does a personal trainer do: Due to this training, they are experienced in setting up individual exercise plans, meal plans, working one-on-one with their client (1x to 3x’s per week), and holding them accountable throughout their program. Hiring a personal trainer, in my opinion, is the very best way to work out and is definitely worth every penny spent.


What is the benefit of working with a personal trainer

Most people who have “gym” memberships really don’t understand how the body moves (or should move). They’ll either wander around watching what everyone else is doing and try to mimic those exercises or they’ll just muddle through a workout hoping that they will get the results they are looking for. This where personal training comes in. It’s “personal” to each and every individual.


Everyone’s needs are different; some have injuries that need to be monitored; some just need someone to hold them accountable. In short, the benefit of working with a personal trainer is going to maximize the effectiveness of your workout and get you faster results.


How to choose a personal trainer

At KB Fitness Exercise Studio we recommend scheduling a free consultation with a trainer. During this consultation not only do you and your trainer discuss your fitness goals, it’s also important to both the client and trainer interview one another on their style (the style in which the client wants to be trained and what is the trainer style of training). Recently in a consultation we had a client confess that she hates when a trainer says (when the workout is getting really challenging) “how bad to you want this”.


The client shared that she really “didn’t want it at all”, but that she needed it. Therefore, if I scheduled her with a trainer who was going to be in her face throughout the workout, it was not going to be a successful match. So having both sides be brutally honest is the best recommendation to choose the right trainer for you.


How much should you spend on personal training

This is almost as important as choosing the right trainer and it’s a delicate issue to discuss. However, the basic rule of thumb is the more sessions you purchase the price goes down per session. Whereas, the fewer session you purchase is going to be more. For example, at KB Fitness, if you buy one session it’s $85 a session. When you buy 11 sessions or more it’s discounted down to $72 per session.


One need take in consideration their commitment level to their training. If you are someone who travels a lot with business you may want to choose a fewer amount of sessions; One the other hand if you have definite/specific goals and is looking to be consistent week after week then you should purchase more sessions. You’ll save money in the long run when you do this. Once you’ve purchased your sessions, your trainer will schedule them out with you. At that time you can discuss any vacations, business trips, etc.


Personal Training Etiquette

This goes for both sides. 24-hour cancellation is the standard requirement for canceling your appointment. When it’s an emergency and absolutely can’t be helped, then give your trainer as much notice as possible. This will enable the trainer to perhaps fill your time with another client. Remember this is how trainers earn their living. Not showing up or canceling at the last minute is very inconsiderate.


The same goes for the trainer, they should always be on time (or preferably early) and not keep the client waiting. Late canceling (I define this as 1 – 2 hours or less) by your trainer should never happen (unless it’s an extreme emergency) and should never “not show up” for a session. If this happens on a regular basis they should be fired and a refund should be issued.