How To Find The Best Pilates Reformer Classes Near Me?

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How To Find The Best Pilates Reformer Classes Near Me?

April 9, 2016

While it is true that the pilates reformer workout machine can look a bit scary (like a medieval torture machine?) you don’t have to go on this fitness journey all by yourself. Anywhere you go, we always suggest you complete a series of the best pilates reformer classes near you before trying anything on your own. It won’t be too hard to do that. Because of the growing popularity of Pilates studios, it’s pretty easy to find reformer classes these days, preferably from a certified instructor. These days as well, there are affordable machines on sale out there that are ready for home use. Although some don’t quite work the way the professional versions work, they work good enough for additional workouts at home. Now, if you’ve got your pilates exercise equipment in check and best pilates reformer classes booked, then what’s left is for you to be unafraid of the intimidating machine so that you could get a head start with your pilates routine.

But hold your gears, before you start imagining what your body could become with this routine, let me set the record straight that just like other exercise, pilates caters to specific fitness goals and it’s not your absolute answer to weight loss.

  • Pilates is NOT your alternative to strength training. It is an addition to. Though it focuses on enhancing core muscles, building muscle mass is not the main goal. Your best bet to do that is through the principle of traditional strength training by building muscle mass through increased resistance levels.
  • It is NOT your alternative aerobic workout to get those cardio up and burning. Heart rate during this routine seldom spikes to the cardiovascular workout level.
  • Pilates is NOT your alternative weight loss exercise routine. On average, this workout will burn between 175 calories for beginners to 250 calories for advanced 50-minute sessions. A major toning and strengthening routine – Yes! A major calorie burner – NO!

So what can pilates reformer classes near me and you do?

1. Tone and reshape

Literally, reformer classes reshape your body. Hold it from the founder of the practice, Joseph Pilates himself, as we quote: “In 10 sessions, you’ll feel better, 20 sessions you’ll look better, 30 sessions you’ll have a completely new body.” With best reformer pilates classes near me, you could expect a more graceful and leaner tone. Many times better with more visible results as seen in your firmer and more defined arms, legs and abdominal muscles. The resistance created by the pilates workout machine with its pulleys, cables and springs provide a challenging and amazing core-strengthening workout – now you have yourself a whole new level of fitness training equipment at your arsenal.

2. Daily Life Improvements

Improved overall strength, flexibility, coordination and balance brought by a well-guided class near you will lead to daily improvements like better posture, more efficient and graceful movements and relief from physical imbalances. Every movement is practiced with total focus and attention as it trains the body to express itself with strength and harmony. Now those sinewy graceful movements will look just as natural like that of a ballerina’s when you start with this routine.

3. Strength Building

With emphasize on strengthening the muscles of your core, you’ll have flat abs, strong backs, toned buttocks and thighs with sustained classes near me. The reformer machine can cater to full-range motion which makes it more appealing for increased flexibility as you build muscle strength. How do you sustain that strength? The secret is in the equipment’s mechanism. As you push and pull with your arms and legs against the resistance of the cables and springs, there is a term we call “eccentric muscle contractions” that’s happening. This phenomenon induces your muscle to lengthen as it resists the opposing spring and cable force. With that, we are building muscles that are in sync with the whole body and the functional fitness needs of a person as a whole for more efficient movements.

4. The “Universal” Reformer

The foundation of Pilates movement is adaptable to anyone! From athletes to dancers, to pregnant women, to seniors and individuals on physical rehabilitation – they universally love it. With a plethora of routines possible with this exercise equipment, classes can be tailored to the unique needs of an individual. Of course, it will work out much better with the guidance of a certified instructor especially if you’re just starting out with this regimen. At KB Fitness, our certified instructors will always give their full attention to you as you are subjected to the most gentle, safe and effective way to workout on the reformer. Our classes or private training can be adjusted to the level of intensity that is right for you.

It’s “Universal” in the sense that one core principle in these classes is to not neglect or over-develop some body parts. The whole body is integrated as a whole in every workout session.
As you start enjoying this crazy looking machine, you will ask yourself why didn’t I find this class near me sooner?

As you start enjoying this crazy looking machine, you will ask yourself why didn’t I find this class near me sooner?

Lastly, always bear in mind that attention to core support, including your breathing and the mind is the level of integrative fitness that we should all aim for. So, go ahead and get started by joining the best pilate reformer classes near me and you for an amazing experience. We have private trainers as well as small group classes at every level. Are they near me? Yes, KB Fitness is located conveniently at the Almaden Fashion Plaza at Almaden and Blossom Hill, in San Jose.

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