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Create Your Own Bootcamp Fitness Training Outdoors

August 4, 2015

Bootcamp fitness training is not only something that you can do in gyms or specialty locations; you can create one right in your own yard. Learn the best bootcamp workouts that will help you achieve your workout goals.

Bootcamp fitness training can be done at home

Just because warmer days are here and you are excited to go outdoors does not mean that you have to forgo your favorite gym-based body-sculpting exercises. It is time to take them outside with a fresh approach to outdoor exercise through your own backyard bootcamp fitness training. Are fitness boot camps effective? A functional circuit training bootcamp session a few times a week will trigger your short-twitch muscles that lead to huge fitness gains while givin your body the support it needs to do your favorite recreational summer sports.

Bootcamp fitness training give a fun and creative way to get a person fit enough to enjoy their recreational activity of choice. Outdoor bootcamps give plenty of fresh air, exercise variety and a technique to challenge your body in new ways. You also get complete body workout with strength, cardio and interval traning components that can yield high-caloric burn during and after the workout. With a few basic pieces of fitness gear and a refresher on some simple drills, you can start solo in your backyard or enhance a bootcamp by adding friendly motivation and elements around the neighborhood, like jungle gyms, hills and trees and park benches. In bootcamp, you are working your cardiovascular system and are building muscle through weight bearing and other kinds of strength training, incorporating one core work in almost every exercise, developing your agility and speed and exercising new ways to keep your body changing and guessing.

When designing an outdoor fitness bootcamp, think about upper body, cope, cardio, lower body and total body exercises. Incorporate different exercises to hit these five areas, starting with big muscle groups and always allowing muscle groups to recover while working the other muscle groups. If you intend to fit three or more bootcamps a week, split up the workouts by muscle groups. Either way, a balance of exercises is important. You are always moving in bootcamp, but the key here is planning for low-intensity recovery exercises between higher intensity efforts like burpees, running drills, hill running jumping, and others. A sample bootcamp session can include a five to 10 minutes of warm-up of jogging, brisk walking, side shuffles, high knees, butt-kicks, squats, easy push-ups or jumping jacks, followed by 30 to 45 minutes of exercises using body resistance and props like toning ball, resistance bans and balance pods. Some interval fitness bootcamp workouts include the following.

  • Balance pod zig-zag touch – Use balance pods in a zig-zag formation to run and touch every one until you complete it. Repeat
  • Bench triceps dips and push-ups – On any step or sturdy bnch, do triceps dips. Work the chest and tricep muscles with bench push-ups.
  • Step-ups – Use a step or low bench to alternate legs during step-ups. Involve the arms to increase the heart rate. You can carry a gallon jug filled with water.
  • Band biceps curls – Put a resistance band under both feet and perform biceps curls. You can alternate your arms if you get tired during the minute.
  • Wall sit – Put a yoga block between your knees and sit against a wall. With your thighs parallel to the ground, squeeze the block to keep your knees close together and remain in an isometric hold for one minute.
  • Squats on balance pods – For extra balancing and stabilizing challenge, do regular squats with a balance pod under every foot.
  • Upright row – Work your shoulders using resistant bands under both feet. Hold both handles with palms facing your body, lead with elbows, bring your arms up and skim the front of your body until you are at chest height. Hesitate and return to start.

If you do not want doing things on your own, call up and invite your friends over. Create the best bootcamp with your pals that will help you achieve your workout goals in a fun way. Friends can add to the fun and variety factor of your outdoor bootcamp. For so many people, having another person to exercise with or be accountable to is a big motivation. Consider incorporating partner exercises or do individual exercises side by side as you push and motivate each other. Face one another and do a chest pass, overhead pass, one-legged pass and under-the-leg pass with a medicine ball. Experts suggest you ask a friend to bring along a found tool that you can incorporate into the workout. You can use a garden hose in the pull station, hula-hools as a jump station, and empty milk jugs to be filled up with water to carry – there are so many things around your home that you can use in your bootcamp fitness training sessions.

For any kind of exercise, you can use a set repetition range, set time free, different levels of recovery between exercises, different intensity level you are trying to hit, and use different equipment. Finish the exercise with a 10-minute stretch cool-down. Also, do not forget to hydrate as needed and wear hat and sunscreen to reduce heat and sun exposure. Call an exercise boot camp expert now to help you craft a fitness exercise that will help you achieve your exercise goals.

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